Team Cooking

With Team Cooking You are the Chef!

Italians are really proud of their cooking traditions. There are many dishes to discover and many receipts to try. In Team Cooking activity, under the guidance of a professional chef, the Team will enter the kitchen door to prepare the day’s menu.

Are you planning a corporate incentive trip to Italy?

Pasta Cooking

Tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi…

How many types of Italian pasta can you name? Spaghetti, tagliatelle, ravioli… and it’s all? Maybe you don’t know that the types of pasta are more than 100!

In Pasta Cooking activity we will learn how to prepare fresh handmade pasta. And then? Of course, we will eat what we have prepared!

Dinner Cooking

Let’s cook our Corporate Dinner!

A Corporate Dinner can be boring, even in the beautiful frame of an Italian Castle or Italian Villa. To turn it into an exciting experience rich of team spirit and discovery, we can make a team building Dinner Cooking. Participants prepare with their own hands all the menu of the day, from appetizers to dessert.

Are you looking for an activity in Italy for your corporate incentive trip?

Pizza Cooking

Try the real Margherita!

This is the best Team Cooking activity for foreign clients. Some of them may have never tried a true Neapolitan pizza. And now they will make one… with their own hands!

Kneading, seasoning, baking: we will go through all the steps of the preparation of a Pizza Margherita. Guided by a real ‘pizzaiolo’, we will get to know the secrets of pizza cooking.