Activities for incentive tours

The most exclusive and exciting activities for incentive tours in all Italian regions

We arrange every kind of incentive and team buildingĀ activities for incentive tours. Our country is very rich in events and initiatives that can be exploited for a corporate trip. Mountains and sea, medieval villages and luxury design restaurants: in Italy you can find everything!

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Food Experience

All the best of Italian traditions

Italians are very fond of their gastronomical culture. Each little city has its own traditional dishes, that are prepared according to strict rules. Yet, also the nouvelle cuisine has come to Italy, nourished by our love for good food and wine. Discover all the best of Italian culinary tradition during your incentive tour!




Cultural activities

All the best of Art, History and Mysteries

Corporate Incentive Tour: why not to choose one of the beautiful cities of Italy? There are a lot of cultural activities to be experienced. Not only museums and churches, but also dramatized tours, medieval fairs and scavenger hunts. For your incentive tour to Italy, we turn history into a direct experience!

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Italian design

Sport cars and sailing boats

Italy is famous all around the globe not only for food, wine and Renaissance art. Who haven’t heard about Ferrari and Lamborghini?! Discover Italian design in exclusive experiences during your incentive trip. We offer tours with vintage cars, sport driving with Ferrari and Tesla, but also sailing on Italian lakes.

Vintage Cars

Activities for incentive tours in Italy: vintage cars

Sport Driving

Activities for incentive tours: Ferrari sport driving

Team Sailing

Activities for incentive trips: team sailing on Italian lakes


Mediterranean Sea, Mountains, Lakes…

Italy doesn’t offer only history, art and culture. Our landscapes are, maybe, the most varied in the world. And it’s all close at hand: in a few hours you can reach almost any natural surrounding.

Team Building

Improve Communication and Team Spirit

An Incentive Tour is a corporate event. Why not to take advantage of this trip to build loyalty and team spirit? We offer a wide range of team building activities of all kinds: outdoor adventure, cooking, creative, music… Don’t miss the opportunity to train your team while enjoying Italy!