Incentive at Italian Lakes

Garda, Maggiore, Como

The lakes of Northern Italy are perfect places for an Incentive in Italy

Team Sailing at the Lake

Would you like to bring your team to live an authentic regatta? Under the guidance of experienced trainers, participants will learn how to tie knots and to set sails. They will also learn how to face a dangerous situation of a “man in water”.

After this introductory part, there can be set a real race of boats. Speed, wind, sun and water, breathtaking landscapes of Northern Italy… Team Sailing is one of the most exciting experiences you can live at the lake!

Do you want to bring a group in incentive trip to discover Italian lakes?

Outdoor adventures

There are many outdoor activities that can be organized around Italian lakes. Outdoor Training and games, for example. These activities are great for creating loyalty and team building. Participants will experience exercises linked to trust and problem solving.

It is also possible to organize a Survival Training. Special trainers will teach participants to light a fire without lighters nor matches, to build a shelter and a Tibetan bridge. The team will spend a fun day in a beautiful natural environment.

Outdoor Team Building and Incentive at the Lake