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About us? We are TeamWorking! We have a ten year experience organizing Team Building and Incentive events for small and big enterprises. Our headquarters are in both Milan (Italy) and Dubai (UAE), but we work all around the world. We have all the best solutions to host your foreign clients or coworkers visiting Italy. But we are also ready to accompany groups traveling abroad!

In 10 years of activity we have organized hundreds of events and met thousands of people. We organized team building activities for any number of participants: from 4 up to 500 people. Some events lasted only one hour, others some days and even a whole week. Our team building formats are more than 60 and let us reach educational results (through Experiential Training) but also fun and entertainment.

We aren’t afraid of challenges, and TeamWorking is not only our name but also our motto!

Would you like to meet us in person and discover our activities?
Giovanni Gambardella


The founder

Master trainer in Neuro-linguistic programming. He is expert in communication and organizational behavior. But especially he is an inexhaustible inventor of new Team Building Formats. He’s been doing this job for 20 years and he just knows everything!

He personally knows most of the locations in Italy and is always able to find the most convenient agreement. He has the solution for any problem!

Specific marks: he’s the Boss, “and no one messes with the boss”.

Our Team


Giovanni’s personal assistant, handles clients, and accounting… What doesn’t she do? Recently she’s been the guardian of the coffee machine!

Specific marks: her labrador weights as much as her colleague.



TeamWorking’s official filmmaker. He works day and night creating memories that we then leave to our clients!

Specific marks: our true Naples mozzarella’s supplier.


Video Maker
Liza 2

Content manager, she manages advertising and social network pages. And also takes photos during events!

Specific marks: if you don’t ‘Like’ TeamWorking’s facebook page, she’ll take it personally.


Social Media

By far, our best trainer! He always manages to lead his team to victory… even if there isn’t any competition!

Specific marks: he is never in our photos. Maybe he messed around with our facebook page?!