Italian Wine Experience

Discover all the taste of Italy in Italian Wine Experience!

Italian wines are famous all around the globe for their high quality. We adore our wine and wish that everybody tastes it. Let’s discover together the taste of Italy in Italian Food Experience!

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Wine Games

A fun trip into the universe of Italian Wine

How much does the Team know about Italian wine? In this Italian Wines Experience we will be introduced to an enchanting universe of colors, fragrances and tastes. But this time we won’t do it in a classical degustation. Instead, Wine Games is a dynamic challenge between rival teams. Quick thinking, quick running, blind tasting: there are many fun activities!

Wine Tasting

A degustation of Italian Wines

Wine Games are really fun, but maybe your Team’s components are high level managers and you want to make them try something really exclusive? We propose then another Italian Wine Experience: a guided degustation. A real sommelier will explain the characteristics of different wines. He will guide us in a travel in this universe, complicated, enchanting and even… intoxicating!

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Grape Harvest

Experience authenticity

Grape Harvesting is a seasonal activity. Thus, it requires particular attention to be organized. Why? Because:

  • wine harvesting season varies from one year to another according to the weather;
  • the exact day of wine harvesting cannot be determined beforehand;
  • not every wine produces will let people from outside manage his grapes.

For all these reasons, this activity requires particular attention and preparation. But with the right amount of time we can manage everything. And it’s a real experience of authentic Italian traditions!