Italian Food Experience

Discover all the taste of Italy in Italian Food Experience!

Italy is the home land of good eating and good drinking. Pasta, pizza, olives, cheese, but also wine and cocktails: here you can find all the best! Italians are very fond of their culinary traditions and preserve them carefully. Let’s discover together the taste of Italy in Italian Food Experience!

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Discovering Italian Wine

From the grape to the glass

Italian wines are famous all around the world. Together we will discover this enchanting universe of colors, fragrances and tastes.

Discover all our team activities of Italian Wine Experience!


This seasonal activity isn't easy to organize, but it's a fascinating part of Italian traditions.


Guided by professional sommeliers we will distinguish primary and secondary flavors.


Dynamic games with blind tasting to learn all the secrets of Italian wine while having fun.

Team Cooking

A Cooking Class of Italian traditions

Have you ever tried a real Neapolitan pizza? Now you can learn how to make one with your own hands! In our Team Cooking classes, participants learn how to prepare dishes of the true Italian culinary tradition. And then… they eat what they have just prepared!

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Pizza Making

Mix the ingredients, toss the dough, season your pizza and bake it in a traditional wood oven!

Pizza Making: activities for incentive trip to Italy

Pasta Making

There are more than a hundred kinds of fresh handmade pasta. Let’s try to make them all!

Activities for incentive in Italy: fresh pasta cooking

Dinner Cooking

Only for the bravest chefs. Are you ready to prepare the whole menu for your corporate dinner?!

Italian Food Experience for incentive tour
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Culinary City Games

A culinary adventure in Italian cities

A path to travel, limited time, riddles to solve and… snacks to eat! Culinary City Games are the most delicious way to discover Italian art cities. Participants will visit the most important streets and squares of the town. But they also will try local delicacies in some “pit stops” during the way.

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Olive Harvesting

Where does Extra Vergine olive oil come from?

Besides wine and pasta, Italian are proud of their excellent olive oil. In this kind of Italian Food Experience we will learn the meaning of the indication “Extra Vergine” and see all the steps in the production of the best Italian olive oil. And, of course, taste it with some homemade bread, like Italians love to do!

Farming and Cheese Production

Discover the excellence of Italy

A farm is a place where we can learn once again the slowness of natural processes. It is an important lesson for our everyday work and private life. In a real farm we will see animals and processes, and learn how to create cream, butter and cheese.